Jason Biggs says that Alyson Hannigan is a better kisser than Isla Fisher.The 29-year-old actor - who made out with Alyson in the 'American Pie' films and locks lips with Isla in his new movie 'Wedding Daze' - was initially reluctant to reveal which redhead was best when quizzed on the subject. He squirmed to BANG Showbiz: "Oh that's a tough call, a really tough call! I mean I'm very diplomatic, off the record I might tell you honestly, but I'm trying to remain diplomatic."However, when pushed for an answer he whispered behind his hand "Alyson", before quickly changing his mind and saying: "I'm kidding, Isla, no I'm kidding they are both great!" Jason also confessed he feels blessed to have seen so many hot actresses, including Shannon Elizabeth and Christina Ricci, partially naked. He added: "It's not a tough job for me that's for sure. I mean I think about that and I think about these girls that I have either seen partially naked,or made-out with or both at the same time, and I think, Jesus! Lucky me!"I'm psyched that somebody would actually employ me to do that, because obviously I wouldn't be able to land Christina Ricci in real life. So, it's exciting for me, it's one of the perks of the jobs I guess!"In 'Wedding Daze', Jason plays a lovelorn romantic who asks a waitress,played by Isla, to marry him as a dare after his 'perfect' girlfriend dies as a result of his shock marriage proposal.