A bevy of sex divas of New York – radio sex doc Judy Kuriansky, erotica producer Candida Royalle, cross-dressers’ dean Veronica Vera, former Kinsey Institute director June Reinisch and hard-core vintage porn star Vanessa delRio -- were out in style for the 1st Annual Museum of Sex gala to benefit the Muse Foundation of New York. 24-year old burlesque performer Dita Von Teese – ex of Goth rock star Marilyn Manson – stripped down to sequined pasties and a g-string, folding herself into a feathered clam shell and then writhed in a bathtub, running water over her body and arched legs, occasionally splashing the crowd. Scantily-clad hunks offered guests free Pure Romance sex toys. Sex therapist Joy Davidson proved her credentials from the American Association of Sex Educators and Therapists, by warning that the tiger-fur lined toy hand cuffs “tighten real fast, and so are more dangerous than the real ones the cops use.” Veronica Vera – founder of the famous cross-dressing academy “Miss Vera’s School for Boys Who Want to be Girls” -- led a silver-haired man by a dog choker around his neck. “I’m a Republican,” he announced, “but I decided to come in disguise, wearing a dog collar. Retorted Vera, “A lot of Republicans need dog collars.” 70s porn star Vanessa delRio – famous for her large-bosom, back-door sex acts, and genitals large enough to be tied -- touted her autobiography being released in September by Taschen, the deluxe German publishing house. “The pictures show really nasty, slutty behavior,” noted the 55-year old first Hispanic porn actress.
Auctioned off were a “Naughty Night” at the penthouse suite of the midtown Goth and fetish Night Hotel and a night on the town with Scottish actor/ producer Alan Cumming of Golden Eye and Cabaret fame. A walk-on in adult star turned filmmaker Candida Royalle’s next erotic film drew the top dollar ($2,000) bid from a twenty-something female who wasn’t sure she’d get naked for the role “because she works in a bank.”The glitzy event was at the Angel Orenz Foundation on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a neo-Gothic former synagogue now a hip center of education and culture in New York City.


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Great Party! Can't wait til next year.