David Hasselhoff will be tested three times a week
David Hasselhoff was given back his parental rights yesterday. The former 'Baywatch' star - who was blocked from seeing daughters Taylor-Ann, 17, and Hayley, 14, on May 7 after a drunken video of him surfaced on the internet - had his joint custody reinstated after agreeing to alcohol testing three times a week. Hasselhoff said outside the Los Angeles courtroom: "It went well today, and the truth was told."During his year-and-a-half-long divorce battle he has rarely appeared in court. Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach was also present at the hearing with her attorney Debra Opri. Opri is quoted by US gossip website TMZ.com as saying: "We're happy, but I can't say anything, I've been gagged by the court."The 54-year-old actor - currently starring in 'The Producers' in Las Vegas -filed for divorce from Bach in January 2006 after 16 years of marriage. Bach filed her own divorce claim the next day.The pair have battled over finances and custody of their daughters ever since.The videotape - which showed Hasselhoff rolling around on the floor drunk trying to eat a burger while his daughter's voice was heard begging him to stop - was officially entered as evidence at yesterday's hearing. It will be discussed at the next hearing scheduled for June 1.