CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM star CHERYL HINES has called on her memories of playing assistant to movie maker ROB REINER for a new U.S. sitcom she’s writing.The actress, who plays Larry David’s wife in the cult comedy, has teamed up with comedy writer Julie Welch to pen a screenplay for a pilot about the real world of a personal assistant. And she admits most of what she’s writing about actually happened to her when she was working for When Harry Met Sally director Reiner. Hines says, "I was actually a personal assistant for a while to Rob Reiner.He was really great, very cool person. But your life is just odd. You are truly doing odd jobs."You’re just driving around looking for melon balls and picking up dry cleaning and things like that." Hines admits she and her writing partner did toy with the idea of making the program a reality show - but they couldn’t find a real Hollywood assistant willing to become the subject of the show. She adds, "It has to be a scripted show because real personal assistants won’t let you follow them around with a camera. Most assistants have to sign a confidentiality agreement."