Sexy Beyonce tells it like it is !

Beyoncé Knowles feels sexiest with bare feet and messy hair.The 'Dreamgirls' star - who has dated rapper Jay Z for five years - says women who are not overtly sexual are the most attractive. Beyoncé told Cosmopolitan magazine: "I like to walk around my house with bare feet and messy hair, but that can be sexy, too."I have an old-fashioned view on sexuality, in that I don't think it should be in your face."It's the opposite of who I am on stage."The singer-and-actress also revealed she took part in beauty pageants as a child, but hated them and dressed like a tomboy. She said: "We all have our insecurities and, to this day, I see plenty of things wrong with myself."As a young girl I did beauty pageants, but I hated them. I always wore baggy clothes and never won."I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid and never really thought of myself as pretty."