Nick Carter has become a United Nations Special Ambassador.The former Backstreet Boys singer has been inspired by fellow celebrities who have taken on roles within the organization. Nick, whose work will include raising awareness about dolphins, said:"People like Bono, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman have inspired me to put my celebrity to good use. I have the advantage of reaching multiple generations to make a difference."The singer, who used to date Paris Hilton, insists he will be taking his responsibilities seriously. He added: "I am really excited, but also a little nervous about this much responsibility - it is an actual job. There are responsibilities and commitments that I must make to be the voice of dolphins, whales and conservation issues, and the expectations are quite large."Everyone loves dolphins. Yet, we are still driving them to extinction."Nick will be working on the Year of the Dolphin campaign, which educates people about the threats facing dolphins in the wild.The singer isn't the only celebrity to become a UN Ambassador recently. Drew Barrymore was made a UN Ambassador Against Hunger earlier this month. She will act as a spokesperson for the organisation's World Food Program(WFP).