Tom Cruise could be the latest target of a celebrity stalker. Emily Diane Leatherman, 32, was arrested at 3.36pm on Thursday after turning up unannounced at Cruise's Beverly Hills home. Leatherman claimed that the 'Top Gun' star's staff had given her permission to meet him. John Cusack won a three-year restraining order against a woman with the same name and age last July, accusing her of showing an "unusual interest" in him.He claimed Leatherman threw love letters, rocks and screw drivers into his garden. Cusack also said Leatherman visited his home unannounced. At the time, Leatherman said she was trying to contact Hollywood stars like Cusack because she wanted to bring attention to the fact she was raped years ago.The Beverly Hills Police Department has refused to confirm if the person arrested on Thursday was the same woman who targeted Cusack. Leatherman was arrested at Cruise's home on suspicion of receiving stolen property and violating a restraining order. Sergeant Rex McEvoy refused to confirm what the items were or which restraining order she had violated. It is not known if Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes were at home when the incident happened.