The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have sparked outrage over suggestions 300 horses should be drugged when they play their first Serbian concert.The legendary band are to perform at Belgrade's hippodrome race course in July to a crowd of around 100,000 people. However, fears are mounting for the horses who are stabled just a few yards from the venue and it has been suggested that sedative shots be administered to keep them calm during the raucous show. Jovanka Prelic, who cares for the equine residents, said: "Horses differ,the same as people. Some are more nervous, more skittish. If they get toonervous or start to panic during the concert, they'll get sedatives."The sedative could be diazepam, which was commonly used on horses during the 1999 Nato air strikes. Plans to calm the horses down have sparked fury in Serbia, with animal rights group Orca demanding the concert be moved to another venue. Head of Orca Elvir Burazerovic said: "Research has shown that noise and vibrations are the strongest causes of stress to animals. Surely our big city has enough open spaces where even 150,000 people can fit in. We think the hippodrome should be left to horses."Burazerovic also said if the organisers don't change the venue, the group will write directly to the band to ask them to switch. Burazerovic said: "I believe we will succeed, since such a reputable band will not allow such a stain on its record."