Icon Rich Little will play the Correspondents dinner

Comedian Rich Little says he doesn't plan anything provocative when he performs at this year's White House Correspondents Association dinner in Washington. The veteran impressionist is the headliner at tonight's annual affair, and his routine promises to be considerably tamer than the harder-edged comedy delivered last year by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert -- who directed some hard-hitting barbs at President George W. Bush and others in the audience. Little told United Press International if he does anything edgy in his performance Saturday night, it won't be by design. "I'm an entertainer. I'm not there to stir it up in any way," he said. "If I happen to, by chance, that's fine." Little has played this gig before -- during the Reagan administration. He said performing for the White House press corps can be challenging. "They're not the easiest audience to perform for because they're professional people and they're wrapped up in their careers and politics so they don't sit home watching TV all the time," he said. On the other hand he said, because they're journalists they know the characters he does better than most audiences.