Lana Clarkson and legend Phil Spector

Legendary music producer Phil Spector confessed to his chauffeur he had"killed somebody", a court was told yesterday. On the first day of Spector's murder trial over the shooting of actress Lana Clarkson in February 2003 the court heard the defendant had told driver Adriano DeSouza "I think I killed somebody" shortly after DeSouza heard a gunshot from inside Spector's mansion. Prosecutor Alan Jackson said: "Phillip Spector emerged from the door. In his right hand a pistol. Between his fingers ran blood."Phillip Spector looked directly at Adriano DeSouza from about four or five feet away and confessed, 'I think I killed somebody.' "Jackson said the evidence would paint a picture of Spector as a man with a"very rich history of violence", who could turn "sinister and deadly" when confronted with the "right circumstances". Jackson told the nine-man, three-woman jury: "Lana Clarkson was simply the last in a long line of women who fell victim to Phillip Spector over the years."He put a loaded pistol in Lana Clarkson's mouth and he shot her to death."Jackson claims he can call on four women who would testify Spector had threatened them with a gun when they tried to leave his home after a night of heavy drinking.The producer - famed for his Wall of Sound production technique pioneered in the 60s - arrived at the Los Angeles court sporting a blond page-boy wig and wearing a cream suit and purple shirt. Spector, 67, denies murdering Clarkson in his Los Angeles hill top home on February 3, 2003, and insists she accidentally committed suicide. Lead defence attorney Bruce Cutler told the court he could prove Clarkson,40, was holding the gun when it went off. He said: "A self-inflicted gunshot wound can be an accidental suicide and the evidence will show you that's the case."At the time of the discharge of the gun, Phillip Spector was not holding that gun. We will prove that to you. She was."The musical genius will face life in prison if he is convicted of killing Clarkson.The trial, which is being televised live, is expected to last for up to three months.