Everyones favorite drug addict Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty is planning to get his penis pierced.The Babyshambles rocker, who is dating Kate Moss, has booked an appointment at North London's Camden Cold Steel parlor and plans to surprise his supermodel lover with the intimate piercing. A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Pete has booked the piercing appointment for later this week. He has been thinking about it for a while. And now is the perfect time, because Kate is away working on her fashion line, so he can surprise her with it when she returns."He is so excited and has managed to keep it a secret from Kate so far. He's gone for the most painful 14mm hole because he wants to wear large pieces of jewellery."Kate is currently in Devon brain storming ideas for her new collection with high street retailers Top shop. This isn't the first time Pete has surprised Kate with body art - he already has a tattoo of a K inside a heart on his arm.


Anonymous said…
Oh My GOD!!!! u r kidiing me... I can't believe this... he must have done all this when he wud b high...i'm so sure...
I've just got his unauthorised documentary DVD,
it's great. i got it from