Back to the bay for Pamela Anderson !

Pamela Anderson thrilled fans by donning her famous red 'Baywatch' swimsuit again.The 39-year-old blonde, who starred as sexy lifeguard CJ Parker in the hit TV series, drew gasps from onlookers as she ran up and down a Malibu beach and frolicked in the surf - sparking rumors she is set to star in a comeback show. A source said: "Seeing Pamela in that lifeguard costume is probably one of the most famous images in the world. People stood and stared as she sprinted in the surf. I think a comeback series would still be a global hit."Pammie - who has had two children and two failed marriages since leaving the show almost a decade ago - showed she is still as sexy as she was in the show's hey day as she flaunted her curves.The actress recently announced she is to star in brand new series 'Malibu'created by the 'Baywatch' team. She said: "I can't say no to the guys from 'Baywatch', they are great to my kids - my schedule is built around theirs. It's just a few days a week and I'm close to home. I love the idea, 'The Flamingo Kid' meets 'Baywatch', the show is called 'Malibu'. I've come full circle - back to the beach."While there are rumors of a new 'Baywatch' TV series and movie, it has been reported Pammie re-created her lifeguard look for a TV commercial for sun lotion. At its peak, 'Baywatch' - which ran from 1989 to 2001 - was seen by a billion viewers in 148 countries, making it the most watched TV series ever.Pammie first appeared in the show in 1992, aged 25.