One of the most talented actors Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has branded rumors he is to become a father "100 per cent made up b*****ks". It was reported the other day his Israeli model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli is expecting their first child in the autumn, but Leo says the story is false. A representative for the actor said: "The story is totally b**l s**t. 100 per cent made up b*****ks."It was claimed the 32-year-old actor felt the fatherhood urge after his 'Spiderman' star friend Tobey Maguire became a dad last November. A source said: "He dotes on Tobey's little girl Ruby and has been asking him all about what it's like to being a dad."The 'Titanic' star was alleged to have proposed to Bar, 21, during their recent trip to Israel. Rumors were rife the couple held a secret engagement party in Tel Aviv. It is believed they plan to marry in Israel this summer, with a larger celebration in the US later in the year.


Anonymous said…
If they are... Congratulations to them.

If not, I'm glad they stopped the rumours right away saying it was tabloid made up, and not let this drag on for weeks. Which would lead to alot of speculation.
Anonymous said…
I agree. It's nice to hear a celeb's rep deny a rumor like this right away instead of it gathering growing speculation and endless gossip and getting more attention as it goes.
James Edstrom said…
You guys got it right !