Dannielynn Birkhead

While photographer Larry Birkhead was officially pronounced the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby Dannielynn, he might face subsequent legal battles over her custody. However, Anna's late partner Howard K. Stern has made clear he will not challenge Birkhead and he's "going to do whatever [he] can to make sure that he (Larry) gets sole custody." TMZ reported that Birkhead took Stern up on his offer to "spend as much time with [Dannielynn] as he wants to right now," logging several quality father-daughter hours at Stern's Bahamian home on Tuesday night.This leaves only Anna's estranged mother Virgie Arthur as the only possible challenger of Birkhead's rightful custody. However, he's not willing to compromise, and she stands slim chances of winning.Virgie Arthur, Smith’s estranged mother, who wanted to bury her in Texas, after Smith suddenly passed away on February 8, filed paperwork last week asking to be named the child's guardian."All I care about and all I ever cared about is the safety and well-being of my little granddaughter, Dannielynn," Arthur said. "I look forward to working with Larry raising my granddaughter and doing what is very best for her.""I'm happy that Dannielynn will know who her real father is," she said."Essentially, he's the biological father," the court’s DNA expert, Dr. Michael Baird, confirmed."I hate to be the one who told you this, but: I told you so. I'm the father," People magazine quoted Birkhead as saying as he emerged from the courthouse, adding that "My baby is finally coming home. The test was 99.99999…positive.""I think Anna Nicole would have been proud that I fought it," he continued. "Thank you for your support. Thank you for the people who got me this far," he said. "Thank you very much. My baby's gonna be coming home pretty soon," he added.Legal custody was not yet set as it was not the hearing's focus, but another hearing on the baby's custody is already set for Friday."We might go from one fight to another, but I'm hoping that's not the case because, you know, there's only one dad, and I have no problem with anyone that has good intentions being allowed to visit the baby and see the baby and be a part of the baby's life," he told the Today show Wednesday."[Sharing custody] would imply that I'm unfit as a parent, which I'm not," Birkhead said. "I'm looking forward to giving Dannielynn everything that she needs and all the love and support."He has already set up his boast-worthy nursery in his Burbank townhouse. "She's got lots of toys and a nursery ready for her and she's got everything that she's gonna need," he said on the morning show. "All I have to do is just give her the love and that's just what I'm ready and prepared to do."Now we'll have to wait Friday's hearing, hoping this will be settled once and for all and the media can finally move on to dissecting other people's lives. The Anna Nicole Smith drama has only begun !


Anonymous said…
I am a single mom. I know the feeling of wanting to be with your child. But, in the same thought, I also know that if Anna must have had some good reason to keep you from baby Danielyn Hope. And you should respect her wishes by leaving this beautiful motherless baby to live where she is. Howard has done nothing but love and support her and this could tramatize her for life. Could you live with that. This is the only life that she has ever known. You could always be a part of her life and when she is old enough to understand what is going on, she could make up her own mind as to where she wanted to live (Without and enticements from anyone). This is called putting your own feelings aside and thinking about the well being of the child. True parenting is a sacrafice that only good parents would understand. Stop thinking of yourself.
James Edstrom said…
Sorry, but you are wrong. Howard K. Stern is a very evil man and Anna was a drug addict. She had no right denying Larry Birkhead his baby. Howard made more money off Anna and some more thing will come out soon, I garrentee it !

James Edstrom