Jennifer Lynn Lopez, one of the richest Hispanic's in Hollywood according to Forbes magazine, and her husband Marc Anthony are suing the National Enquirer seeking "substantial damages" for a story which alleged the couple were linked to a drug scandal.They hired a Belfast-based lawyer Paul Tweed, a special lible lawyer, who told Reuters he had filed a lawsuit with the Belfast High Court on Tuesday, announcing they "will now make similar applications in Dublin, London and other jurisdictions." Paul Tweed said the Enquirer story was "totally unfounded.""It's virtually impossible to sue for libel in the United States because of First Amendment protections," Tweed explained to the Reuters news agency. "But these publications are now appearing in Ireland, the UK and France, and on the internet, and they're now subject to the libel laws of these jurisdictions." The article at question was published last month under the headline: "Jennifer and Marc Caught Up In Heroin Scandal". The March 12 article also reprinted a 2004 picture of Anthony standing beside photographer Michael Star, who is facing charges of heroin possession and child pornography in the U.S. Tweed told AP that actress-singer Lopez, 38, and singer Anthony, 37, were seeking "a six-figure settlement" from the Enquirer, based in Boca Raton, Fla., and its parent company, American Media Inc. A spokesman for AMI, Richie Valvo, said the company had no comment. "It would be our policy to not comment on it at this time, Valvo said. Lopez and Anthony married in a quiet home wedding on June 5, 2004, where guests had reportedly been invited to an "afternoon party" at Lopez's house and were not aware that they were actually going to the couple's wedding.