Jenna Jameson looked great at her birthday !

PARIS HILTON spent Easter weekend wild as ever. The hotel heirhead continued her partying antics by jetting to Las Vegas to celebrate porn star JENNA JAMESON's birthday at top burlesque club Forty Deuce. Seeing as the blonde pals are both renowned for their sex lives, I reckon they had a lot to talk about. Jenna is the world's most famous adult movie actress after starring in more than 100 X rated 'classics' like The Devil In Miss Jones, I Dream Of Jenna and The Passion Of The Christies. Paris may be challenging her for that title though after her own inadvertent foray into the market - a homemade romp with ex-RICK SALOMON that leaked onto the internet - has become one of the best-selling porn videos of all time. Jenna spent most of the party smooching with her Ultimate Fighter boyfriend TITO ORTIZ