Heather Mills and Black and Blue Jonathan Roberts

Heather Mills has left her 'Dancing with the Stars' partner "black and blue"because she keeps stepping on his toes with her artificial leg.The former model has revealed the waltz rehearsals on the hit US TV show were a painful experience for her professional partner Jonathan Roberts. She confessed in her online diary: "At the beginning of the week, I was rubbish at the waltz. Jonathan was in a quandary and wanted to change the beginning of the routine because every time I stepped backward, I would scrape his Achilles tendon with the heel of my shoe. But then when I stepped forward, I'd make his toes black and blue, not realising my artificial leg was standing on his foot whilst I inquired why he was screwing his face up."Heather - who lost her left leg below the knee in a police motorbike accident in 1993 - also revealed she looked more like a "waddling duck" than a "graceful swan" during her preparations. She added: "Jonathan said that he wanted me to be as graceful as a swan. Yet he kept saying I was impersonating a waddling duck. He said that I kept sticking my butt out, which I was actually pleased about, as I always thought I didn't have much of a butt."Despite a rocky week, Heather and her partner impressed the judges with their waltz on Monday and remain in the competition with seven other couples.


Anonymous said…
When it comes to Heather Mills, I have nothing but admiration for her. She certainly has great courage, and I was so surprised and impressed with her dancing, which was very good, even for a person with two good legs.

I think she has been the victom of the brutal and ruthless British press , which is well known as shamelessly insulting and prejudiced. They ran Sarah Fergusion (sp?) out of the country also, they were so unfairly critical of her.

I hope Heather finds her stay in America one that is helpful and appreciating , and gives her credit where credit is due.

She is not just a pretty model and wife of a famous British celebrity, but a humanitarian also.

And anybody who gives her a bad time should remember that HE (Paul ) asked HER to marry him,..and besides , what makes anyone think he was a good husband at all. I'd say money and fame or not---he's no great catch.

She is a wonderful example to all those with a handicapp like hers, by the way. Welcome , Heather !
James Edstrom said…
I don't know what to think of her at this point....
Anonymous said…
I would not have guest she had an artificial leg! It was very well hidden
Anonymous said…
artificial leg!