Wonder Why Will Smith And Wife Jada Pinkett Smith Are Happy ?

Will Smith doesn't wipe his own butt thanks to his hi-tec Japanese toilet.The rapper-and-actor is delighted with the new gadgets he and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith have had installed in their home, which not only dispose of bodily waste but also clean the 'user'.Will raved: "We've installed these toilets from Japan in our new house in Los Angeles."They're paper free. Wherever you sit on the toilet, somehow it hits the bull's eye perfectly. It cleans and then dries you. It is just water and then air."Earlier this month, Will injured his shoulder fighting blood-thirsty vampires.The actor, who plays the last man alive in a world overrun by vampires in sci-fi film 'I Am Legend', was hurt while filming an action scene.He was treated at New York's Hospital for Special Surgery and is still receiving physiotherapy.Will plays Robert Neville in the futuristic film.The 39-year-old Oscar nominee stars alongside his six-year-old daughter, Willow, who is making her big screen debut as his character's child.


Anonymous said…
Are you kidding me!?!? you actually made a web site about this! OMG!!! I hope you get punched in the face when your sleeping!