David Salidor with Deborah Gibson recently

Gotham-based praiser DAVID SALIDOR (who counts MICKY DOLENZ, MARK BEGO, DEBORAH GIBSON, LEXY, among others, as his clients), and, who's company the dis COMPANY, celebrates its 24th anniversary next year ... has a secret ... he's launching his own record/entertainment label in 2 months. It's been a life-long goal, he says, and he's certainly learned from the best. "I've been very fortunate in working with the likes of MADONNA and RUN DMC, and great labels like PROFILE, COLUMBIA and WARNERS, and though the business is very different than it was even 5 years ago, many of the things one has to do to launch an artist and labels remain the same." Salidor says that his label will take full advantage of such online services, like a YouTube. "Five years ago, options like that and TMZ weren't even available, and now, they're playing a significant role in establishing the identities of new artists and music. Starbucks just started their own full fledged record label, and PAUL McCARTNEY is their first signing ... the playing field is changing, and you just have to be cognizant of that." The label will also play a significant role in providing music for movies and TV shows. "I remember when movies started having soundtrack albums ... back then, you were lucky to have one. Now, every theatrical release has one ... and, in some cases two."Salidor has already eyeballed 3 new artists for the imprint, which will formally be named in a month.