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Mario Lavandeira, aka Perez Hilton, has won round two in his court battle with a major Hollywood photo agency that wanted his website closed, when a judge ruled that the 'Gossip Gangstar' can continue to run his website while the $7.5 million case is being decided.Last month, a judge denied Perez's attempt to have the case dismissed.Hilton, who runs the popular gossip website, was sued back in December after the agency claims he ignored warnings to stop using its images without permission. Hilton is known for taking celebrity pictures and making amusingly crude drawings on them. "The court's ruling is further validation of our client's position in this dispute," Hilton's lawyer, Bryan J. Freedman, tells TMZ, "We continue to believe that Mr. Lavandeira ultimately will prevail on the legal merits at the time of trial in this matter." Since I am no stranger to being a photographer, I can see both sides to this battle. I had to take people to court before and it's not fun at all. The best way for this to end is for the photo agency x17 to make a agreement with Perez to give them photo credit and a link to their site. I have spoken to many photographers who do this with Perez and they say sales increase as well as traffic to their website. He is reaching millions a day and photo editors watch for the latest snaps. I know Perez and he is a really nice guy as well as quite entertaining to hang out with. I never heard of half these agencies till I saw them on Perez's site. It's better to just drop this lawsuit and come to a agreement.