Modelling Is Easy For Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton has branded modelling "easy".The former 'O.C.' star, who has lucrative contracts with Neutrogena and Kedstrainers, insists models are paid far too much for what they do. Mischa said: "Modelling is incredibly easy. It's a nice job and it's ridiculous that you get paid so much for doing it."The 21-year-old has also slammed reports she is underweight, claiming she has a "fast metabolism". Mischa said: "I've never been too thin. I love eating, especially ice cream.The 'thin factor' has nothing to do with me. It's unfortunate because some actresses do have a problem, which means everyone else comes under the same umbrella."I had a personal trainer for a while, but I'm quite lazy. I have a fast metabolism, so I don't need to work out."Mischa admits she previously considered other career paths away from acting. She explained: "I've thought about all kinds of other professions, I was interested in psychiatry, psychology and journalism, but I'm always drawn back to acting. I was born in London and if I was still there now, I would probably be a lawyer."