Michael Jackson still demands weird things !

Michael Jackson has demanded a children's xylophone and sweets during his stay at a British hotel.The eccentric singer told staff at London's Jumeria Carlton Tower Hotel to bring the items to his room as soon as he checked in. Michael, who has undergone several cosmetic surgery procedures, also demanded a giant mirror. A hotel insider said: "He wanted lots of bowls filled with Haribo sweets and also asked for a toy xylophone. He also asked for a 6ft by 6ft giant mirror."Michael - who jetted into London with his three children, son Prince Michael, daughter Paris and youngest son Prince Michael II, last week - is famed for his outrageous hotel demands. Last year, he had an 18ft wall built at London's Hempel Hotel so he, his children and his entourage could have more privacy, and it is not unusual for the star to hire entire floors. Rumors are rife that Michael is in London to sell his rights to his catalogue of Beatles songs.The 'Billie Jean' singer - who infuriated Sir Paul McCartney when he outbid him for the rights to the group's music 22 years ago - is being forced to sell the catalogue after running up huge debts, believed to total 400 million. In 1995, he was forced to sell part ownership of the catalogue, valued at almost 2 Billion, to his former record company Sony. He then used his remaining share as security for further loans.The deal with Sony stipulated that if he was unable to pay the loans back he would have be required to sell the remainder of the catalogue by May 31, 2008.


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