No girl can tame "NOT GAY" boy Robbie Williams

Mel C has finally confessed she did date Robbie Williams - but she couldn't "tame the beast".The former Spice Girl and Robbie were rumored to have dated in the late-90s and have always refused to speak about it. But Mel has at last admitted they did romance one another but Robbie wasn't ready to settle down. She told Britain's Star magazine: "I've turned down so many people on this question. It was ten f***ing years ago and I'm still talking about it!"It was nothing serious but we went on a couple of dates and it didn't really work out. It was just a chemistry thing really, sometimes there's not a major reason. He was busy travelling all over the world and so was I."At the end of the day, you're never going to get Robbie to settle down are you? You're never going to tame that beast!"Mel has also said she doesn't think Robbie will ever fully recover from his addiction problems.The 'I Want Candy' singer said: "I felt for him when he went to rehab."Robbie will have to deal with his demons forever, especially with something like addiction."I'm not comparing myself to Robbie in any way, but I hope and pray that I wouldn't get depressed if my album didn't do well."I try really hard to get a balance in my life so that my career isn't the only thing in it."