Stella McCartney has many talents

Stella McCartney has been offered the chance to make her own album - by her good friend Madonna.The fashion designer, the daughter of Beatles legend Sir Paul, recently gave the 'Hung Up' singer advice for her new fashion label and now Madonna wants to return the favor. Madonna said: "I asked her for fashion advice and I told her, if she ever wanted to do a record, I'd gladly help out."Meanwhile, Stella's father Paul has signed a deal with the new Starbucks record label.The legendary musician is the first artist to be signed by the coffee giant's new music venture, Hear Music. Sir Paul, 64, is leaving Capitol Records who he has worked with on and off for 43 years, to join the new label. In a statement, Sir Paul said of Hear Music: "For me, the great thing is the commitment and the passion and the love of music, which as an artist is good to see. It's a new world now and people are thinking of new ways to reach the people, and for me that's always been my aim."