Anna Nicole Smith's longtime Lawyer/companion Howard K. Stern is on the verge of losing the Bahamian home he shared with the tragic model. He recently learned an eviction summons has been requested. Attorney Godfrey Pinder is requesting Nassau officials evict Stern from the Horizons house he has occupied since August. The Bahamian lawyer is acting on the request of his client, developer G. Ben Thompson, who insists he offered his house when Anna Nicole was looking for property in the Bahamas. The request, filed on Wednesday, states Stern has been "trespassing" on Thompson's property since before February 8, 2007 -- the day Smith died. Pinder has told " Access Hollywood ," "I served a summons asking the Magistrate's court to give us an eviction notice against Howard K. Stern and to have him pay rent and legal costs and damages, if there are any damages in the place." Pinder claims Thompson bought the house and had his lawyers draw up the papers for it in Anna Nicole's name -- because she planned to buy it from him. Thompson maintains his friend then declined to sign the mortgage or promissory note. Pinder attempted to serve Stern with the notice at the property on Wednesday, but was forced to leave it at the entry gate.


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i swear,.,,this and the 'commitment" pics do NOT even look like anna.