For Virgie Arthur The War Has Only Started

A Bahamian court considered a request to exhume the body of Daniel Smith, son of the late Anna Nicole Smith, for reburial in Texas, where Smith was born. The request was filed by Smith's estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, who reportedly has a letter from the son's father authorizing her to ask the Bahamian courts to order the body be exhumed and buried in Texas, the Bahama Journal said Monday. Arthur tried unsuccessfully to gain custody of Smith's body in a Florida court, then tried to block the funeral in a Bahamian court. She said she wants to bury Smith's body in Texas and has said she wanted to move the body of Smith's son, who died in September, to Texas as well. She filed the exhumation request Friday, the day Smith was buried. Smith died Feb. 8 of unknown causes in a Florida hospital where she was taken after being found unresponsive in her hotel room.


Anonymous said…
she is tough though.
Anonymous said…
Virgie Arthur should get to Texas from the rock she crawled out from under.These people from Texas are heartless andd cruel,they are not going to let poor Anna rest in peace what a shame! Virgie as a fan of Anna Nicole,The sight of you makes me want to throw up Your a poor excuse for a human being,Your white trash and don't have a clue about respect.And don't forget every dirty dog gets there day and i hope you get yours sooner than later
Anonymous said…
My heart goes to Virgie. I wouldhave done everything she's done if I were in her position. I'd fight for my son.

Anna Nicole only went to the Bahamas to fight DNA to prove Larry is DannieLynn's father. She decided to not let her daughter know who her real father is.

As a mother, I believe people are being way to hard on Virgie. She gave birth to Vickie Lynn and did her best to raise her (I'm sure).

Had Anna been in her right mind, I'm sure she would have rather been buried in LA and her son by her side there. The Bahamas is not her home and from things I read, her son didn't want to be there.

In my opinion, Howard needs to crawl back under the rock he came from. I believe he is part of the downfall of Anna Nicole.

He had no no right to talk the way he did at the funeral. Howard put on a show and what little respect I had for him, I have none now. He used the media to try and make Anna's mother look bad. I wonder how little DannieLynn is going to feel when she grows up and hears all the bad things about her mother. That will be sad, but the difference is, she'll have all the videos she will ever want to see.

I don't think Anna Nicole really hated her mother. We all do and say things we regret about the ones we love.

Anna's mother's tears were real. Howard was and is still putting on a show for $$$$$$$.
Anonymous said…
Come on people can you honestly say that you yourself would go against your son or daughters dying wishes??Virgie and Anna did not talk or visit in ten years!What kind of mother would let there child rot in a morge?? I call that heartless!Anna And Howard were best friends he knew what she wanted I would fight for my son to but i would never go agaist his dying wishes thats just wrong.I'm a hug fan of Anna and i beleive Hoard gave Anna somthing no one else did true freindship understanding and the love no one else gave her.Even the Minister at the funeral had a comment for Virgie,She is out of hand can't any of you Virgie lovers which there ain't many get it in your head all Anna wanted was to be with her beloved son! It sure wasn't in Texas where she ran away from and a mother who was married 5 times and had no love or care for any of her childern because she was to busy looking for her nexted husband did you see any of Annas sibblng supporting Virgie? I rest my case.
James Edstrom said…
WOW......You guys have some very good points. I think everyone involved in this case has some points, except Howard. I believe he did so many underhanded things. Selling the last pics of daniel alive and selling the funeral exclusive to ET. Hes made a fortune. Thanks for writing and keep commenting so I know how you feel and what you want to read.

James Edstrom
Anonymous said…
I feel bad. Such a shame.
Anonymous said…
Virgie is strong fighting for the remains of her loved ones. Drugs ruined their family relationships. If Virgie why so bad or cruel, and Anna was a devoted, protective mother, then why would Anna have left her only son in her mother's care for the first six formidable years of his life. Stern was there to take care of her, and that he did didn't he? If it were me I would have done the same as Virgie. She loved her child very much or she would not have put herself in the position for worldwide critizism she is unduly getting. The video of Anna saying she hated her mother is awful. Look at her face and eyes in that video-she was high and grieving. When one grieves they look for blame and Virgie was the target. Who is behind everything in the "cloud" of drugs? Time will show who the true villian is.
Anonymous said…
Anna said she wanted to be buried by her son but did she say in the Bahamas? Who bought the plots? Who took charge of arrangements because Anna was drugged? I also want to comment on the courts. What someone says someone else says is hearsay and a dead man cannot speak. What Florida opened is a can of worms. From now on if one dies and leaves minor children anyone can say "she/he said" and intent can be taken from that. Just because I own burial plots in two states does not mean I want to be buried there. Yes I have a child buried in one set of plots but what is my intent? I want to be cremated. So if someone says "she wanted to be by her child" they by law can put me there. I want my ashes spread over her grave in one state and over another loved one in another state. So intent should be in writing. My belief is if Anna were in her right mind at the time of Daniels death (and not trying to avoid the laws/jurisdiction of the USA)she would have buried him in California. I believe Stern wanted both of them out of the United States hoping he could avoid any questions or investigations. I am sure this whole saga will have a very surprising ending and then we will see what someone is trying to hide. I side with Anna's mother. A mother knows her child better than anyone else. Anna estranged her mother because she did not like to hear about her "using", she ran from Birkhead for the same reason, eventually if Stern did not enable her she would have sent him on his merry way also. Addictive personalities avoid those who try to make the addict confront their addictions.