Police and Broward County, Fla., prosecutors discussed whether they can get search warrants to access Anna Nicole Smith's computer files, it was reported. Seminole tribe police have the computers, but expressed concern about examining them because it wasn't clear whether the computers were legally obtained, the Miami Herald said Thursday. Smith's computers, removed from her home in the Bahamas following her death Feb. 8, may or may not be a part of the investigation into her death, Florida officials said. Bahamian law officials were also talking with Broward prosecutors. Among other things, Bahamian police are investigating whether Smith's computers were removed during a burglary at her Nassau home. Ford Shelley, a friend of Smith's who owned the home where she lived, testified that Smith asked him to care for the computers should anything happen to her. He took them from the Bahamas and later turned them over to police in South Carolina, where he lives. South Carolina police released the equipment to Seminole police. Authorities stressed they have no evidence of foul play, but must follow all possible leads.


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