Mariah Carey would only sell her lavish apartment to another diva.The singer, who lives in a 12,000 sq ft three-floor New York apartment, says only a true star could live in such plush surroundings. Mariah insisted to Britain's Hello magazine : "If anyone ever buys this place, they had better be a diva or they can't live here."The 'Glitter' star recently confessed she has four clothes closets in the apartment. Mariah, who showed off her property on popular MTV show 'Cribs', revealed there was more storage space that the viewers didn't see. She said: "I have four closets if you count storage. I live on three floors of a block in Tribeca, so I have space."There's one for lingerie, a shoe closet I designed with the architect Mario Buatta, and a pretty area for clothes with moving wardrobes and a bunch of shelves where I do fittings with stylists."The closets are a big part of my life, it sounds obsessive - but they are pretty fabulous."