The Who guitarist Pete Townshend claims his pet dogs talk to him.The 61-year-old rocker is very close to his pooches and insists they communicate with him directly. He even claims one of the mutts predicted the freezing weather that hit southern England this week. Townshend, who lives in Richmond, is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper as saying: "I believe my dogs talk to me. One of the dogs told me it was going to snow this week."Earlier this week, Townshend apologised to Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones for saying they are too old to tour.The musician previously claimed musicians from the 60s should call it a day and stop playing live. But Townshend - who famously penned the line "I hope I die before I get old"in the band's classic hit 'My Generation' - has now taken back his scathing comments, saying: "When I do interviews I must imagine being drunk and decide to shout my mouth off for old time's sake. But why do I pick on folks I love?"