Sexy Actor Jared Leto

Elijah Wood has revealed Jared Leto started a fight with him because he didn't like his music.The 'Lord of the Rings' star was involved in a tussle with the 'Fight Club'actor at the mtv U Woodie Awards in October after Leto confronted him about comments he had made about his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. Elijah told Jane magazine: "He was basically upset at the fact that I said I didn't like his band. He said that initially and then walked away."I guess he thought I was laughing at him, but I was more shell-shocked and telling people around me, 'Whoa, I just got told off by Jared Leto for not liking his band.' And that's when he came back and grabbed me."I told Jared it wasn't personal. He acted like I'd been disrespecting him or speaking about his family. Things like that don't generally happen to me. I'm very non-confrontational. The whole thing was kind of ridiculous."The 'Bobby' actor - who turns 26 on Sunday, had previously insulted 35-year-old Leto's music in an interview with Blender magazine in 2003. He said: "I would never try to be like other actors and attempt to make music myself. I mean, have you heard 30 Seconds to Mars? Fucking awful man!"
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