A piece of gum chewed by Jessica Simpson is being auctioned off on eBay. The blonde actress discarded the candy as she was preparing to shoot a kissing scene with her co-star Dane Cook in their movie 'Employee of the Month'. Jessica, 26, gave the gum to an extra on set who rather than throw it away has decided to make a quick buck. The seller, known only as 'acypress', claims the successful winner will be able to "clone" the sexy star from the DNA on the gum.' Acypress' writes on eBay: "Yes, I was an extra in the movie starring Jessica Simpson and sat next to her for 2 days of filming in Albuquerque. Jessica was chewing gum when shooting started and asked if we would mind her putting her gum in a napkin on our table. I joked that I would sell it on eBay. She said, 'Go for it. You might make 99 cents.' "Here's that pale blue gum. I forgot I had this, but glad I found it. It was in her mouth so it has her DNA on it so you can clone her."As well the gum, the seller will also provide a letter of authenticity, some gossip from the film and a "head shot to the winning bidder so that they have proof that I am sitting next to Jessica in the movie."The highest bid for the unusual lot currently stands at $55. The auction ends on Monday.