Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock may have split over animal rights issues.The 'Blonde and Blonder' actress is a keen animal rights activist while her rocker husband loved to go hunting. In an interview given before the couple filed for divorce, Pammie was asked if her PETA campaigning meant Rock would have to give up his bloody hobby. Rock replied: "No, I shoot the deer and she saves it. "A furious Pamela responded: "What did you say? That's divorce right there. You shoot anything, it's over."The pair are also rumored to have fallen out over Rock's mother's decision to wear fur to the couple's wedding ceremony on a yacht in St. Tropez in July. A source said: "Pam knew it was a slap in the face."Pamela is a prominent member of animal rights group PETA and has been actively involved in a number of anti-fur protests. Meanwhile, friends of Rock - real name Bob Richie - have claimed the actress went out every night of their marriage and left him to look after his son Robert James Richie Jr. and Pammie's two sons, Brandon and Dylan. A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Bob rearranged his life for Pamela. He moved from Detroit - something he said he would never do - and moved his son to L.A. to be with her."Pamela would go out almost every night and end up at photographer David LaChapelle's studio. Bob was home alone with the three kids."