Robin Williams And Oprah

Robin Williams wants Oprah Winfrey to run for president.The 'Mrs Doubtfire' actor admits he would love to see her tackle world issues in her talk show style.He joked to the USA Today newspaper: "It would be great to see her in a debate. It would be a pay-per-view debate, her and Condoleezza Rice and once the Stanford stuff drops it would be like, 'Girl, I tell you, mm, mm.'"Two brilliant black women going at it - it would be amazing - and if they have a talent section, I know Condoleezza would win that because of the cello. No one has seen Oprah do an interpretative ballet."He added: "It would be great if she did a scene from 'Beloved' while Condoleezza played the cello. You could pay for the whole election that way just with the CD, DVD, ancillary rights. and the sweater."Oprah recently admitted she was "flattered" by calls for her to run for the US presidency.