Heather Mills And Paul McCartney

The estranged wife of pop legend Paul McCartney has "tangible evidence" that he was physically aggressive towards her, a newspaper has reported, as the British media continued its near-blanket coverage of the couple's increasingly bitter split. The claim comes three days after newspapers published apparently leaked divorce papers detailing Heather Mills McCartney's allegations against her ex-Beatle husband, including that he attacked her. In the saga's latest twist, the Daily Mail quoted an unnamed source close to Mills McCartney saying that the evidence she had was "dynamite"."She reckons to have tangible evidence showing that Paul not only verbally attacked her but was also physically aggressive."As well as charting much of the marriage breakdown on her digital camcorder and having witnesses who will testify to her claims, Heather has another killer piece of evidence in the form of an audio recording," the source said.Mills McCartney, 38, may also have "some kind of video recording of the pair rowing", the source added. Documents which emerged earlier this week alleged that, while in Los Angeles in the United States in 2002, McCartney "grabbed her by the neck and pushed her over a coffee table". They also claimed that McCartney lunged at her with the broken stem of a wine glass which cut her arm and made it bleed. McCartney, 64, has said in a statement through his lawyers that the only correct place for him to respond to the allegations against him is in the divorce courts.