Randy Jones

Who knew that former-judge LESLIE CROCKER-SNYDER was a wiz with a needle-and-thread? At PALM WEST's CELEBRITY SERVER earlier this week (which benefited the NYU School of Medicine), RANDY JONES, formerly of The Village People, was in the eatery's kitchen, when his well-worn jeans felt almost completely apart. "Let's just say that I could NOT walk back into the dining area like that," says Jones. Standing next to him was retired-judge LESLIE CROCKER-SNYDER, who said "I've got it", and whipped out a small sewing kit from her pocket. Jones and Snyder, surrounded by celebrity-chef ROCCO DeSPIRITO, Jokeman-JACKIE MARTLING; and Soprano-ROBERT FUNARO, broke into spontaneous applause.Palm West GM CHRIS GILMAN, who witnessed the entire fracas firsthand added, "To me... Leslie saved the day ... as everyone was back out on the floor within a matter of minutes."