Naomi Campbell has been released without charge after spending 12 hours in police cell over assault allegations.The supermodel - who was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly scratching her drug councillor's face - was found "unfit to face questioning" and has since her release been allowed to travel to Paris. Officers at London's Belgravia police station reportedly suspected the 36-year-old was drunk when they first arrested her and she was placed in the cell to sober up. A police source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "She was animated and abusive. A doctor was called and she was allowed to sleep in the cells. Several times during the evening she was visited and it was clear she was still not in a fit state to be interviewed."The former drug addict was also required to take a narcotics test, which she is believed to have passed. Naomi, 36, was arrested at her London home after her therapist arrived at a police station with her face covered in scratches, claiming Naomi had assaulted her. A spokesman for the supermodel described the incident as a "misunderstanding". Naomi is renowned for her vicious temper. This claim is her ninth alleged assault in eight years.