The father of the 1-year-old boy who Madonna plans to adopt is saying he didn’t realize the pop singer was taking the toddler "for good," the Associated Press reports. "Our understanding was that they would educate and take care of our son just as they were doing at the orphanage," Yohane Banda, 32, told AP in a telephone interview on Sunday. "I am just realizing now the meaning of adoption." The statement is a shift from earlier remarks Banda made when he struck out at human rights groups that have tried to stop Madonna from adopting his son, David. On Sunday however, Banda said he was confused about the meaning of the adoption papers he signed earlier this month in court, which allowed a Malawian judge to grant the singer and her husband, Guy Ritchie, a temporary order to take David, who was flown to England where the couple and their two children live.


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