Lindsay Lohan is sick of strangers telling her how to live her life. The 'Mean Girls' star says she is always being given advice but wants people to mind their own business. She fumed to In Style magazine: "It's funny how people feel they know you. The other day this guy I'd never met was like, 'Make sure you keep your s**t together'."I was like, 'Excuse me? You know nothing about me!' I was flabbergasted. "Lindsay says she knows exactly what she is doing with her life and already has her future all mapped out. She revealed: "I want to get married before I'm 30. And have my house. And make the kind of record I want. And I'd like to win an Oscar before then."I want to get myself settled. Owning a house will make me very proud. I need a place to be home, to feel it's mine. I'm a very domestic person."However, the actress, who recently split up with Hard Rock heir Harry Morton, thinks she has already made the biggest mistake of her life. Lindsay relented: "That would have to falling in love for the first time and abusing the relationship. I was growing. It's the best thing that ever happened, but I wasn't ready. I moved too fast."Some advice for Lindsay.Stop drinking and partying day and night.Be nice to the Paparazzi.Stop dreaming about your Oscar, it will never happen.Give Times Square Gossip your next exclusive when you go crazy.


mybeautyguides said…
yes people tend to give unsolicited advices. poor lilo