Kate Moss

Kate Moss has given fiancé Pete Doherty a list of six rules which he must obey or she will call off their alleged wedding.The 32-year-old supermodel is calling the rules 'Kate's Commandments' and insists the junkie rocker must stop taking drugs, end contact with his 'loser' friends and call her at least thee times a day. Pete, 27, must also stop flirting with his groupies if he wants to make Kate his bride, start eating properly and spend two hours every day writing poetry and music. A source said: "Pete is prone to going AWOL. Kate has warned Pete that if he doesn't comply, their relationship is off. "It is also alleged that the couple had a blazing row last week after Kate saw the Babyshambles singer flirting with a French woman at popular London concert venue, Brixton Academy.The source is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "They were screaming at each other the whole night."Kate knows he loves her but he's a free spirit and there's no holding him down. He hates it when she gets jealous. She gets really wound up by him getting into intellectual conversations with arty young women who idolise him as a poet. "Kate and Pete are apparently planning to marry in Ibiza on her 33rd birthday in January next year.She agreed to marry the rocker after he checked into The Priory rehab center to battle his addictions to crack cocaine and heroin. Since leaving rehab Pete has managed to stay clean.