Jim Carrey

It has come to our attention that Jim Carey no longer wishes to play the part that made him a household name. Though he was a favorite on "In Living Color" as a half brained Fire Marshall Bill, Ace Ventura is his signature character. Both Ace movies were box office hits winning children and adults alike. Yet, he has turned down the comical pet detective role in lieu of more serious characters.Without Carey, sequels have suffered his terrific comical touch. Mask at a worldwide scale grossed at $351 million, while Son of the Mask came in at $57 million. Dumb and Dumber grossed at $274 million and its sequel without Carey $39 million. The people want Carey and his comical ways to make us laugh. It shows in the theatres across the world. There is someone not caring enough to make sure Carey continues these characters. Movie maker’s pocketbooks are suffering at the cost of down casting Carey’s roles.I could understand his need to become a more serious actor. People get into acting so they can do an array of characters. I believe every actor should be given the opportunity to not be type cast. Hollywood has a bad habit of doing just that. It took Robin Williams decades to do a serious role. Saying that, in wanting to break out of it he chose a dark, close to home role that made him scarier that Freddy Krueger. Let’s not let this happen to our future comics. Carey is a talented actor and I believe he could pull a serious role. Acting is a passion and any actor with brilliant talent can pull any role to it’s will given the opportunity. Hopefully we will be able to see our comedians in serious roles without further affecting our comedy movies. Everyone needs a break even from comedy.Carey the world loves you. Don’t disappoint us and give us our beloved Ace Ventura.