Kate Moss' fiancé Pete Doherty was reportedly involved in a bloody brawl with an Italian photographer on Monday night. The Babyshambles frontman was drenched in blood after coming to blows with the paparazzo outside his Rome hotel, following his performance at the famous Piper Club. Witnesses said Doherty, 27, jumped on the photographer and punched him repeatedly before the pair were separated. One witness is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper as saying: "Pete's head was dripping with blood. The band grabbed metal ashtrays to use as weapons when the fight started."Police were not called and Doherty's wounds were tended to by fans and band members. The photographer reportedly needed hospital treatment. Earlier in the evening the band stormed off stage when a member of the crowd threw a bottle at the Babyshambles' drummer's head - after Doherty threw his microphone stand into the audience. At the end of the gig, Pete pushed over the amplifiers and drum kit, smashed another microphone stand and stormed off stage. During a concert in Florence over the weekend, supermodel Kate Moss joined the band on stage to duet with her fiancé for his song 'La belle et le bete' which he wrote for her. Doherty entered rehab last month and is said to be currently clean from his heroin and crack cocaine addiction. Kate, 32, has agreed to marry the rocker if he stays off the drugs and the wedding date is set for her birthday next January. It has also been claimed the model is pregnant with Doherty's baby.