Ashton Kutcher doesn't feel like a married man.The 'Guardian' star - who recently celebrated his first wedding anniversary with his wife, Demi Moore - says he is head over heels in love with the 'G.I. Jane' star but finds married life "bizarre". Ashton mused: "Married life is great but I don't feel married. It's very bizarre."I don't think you can feel married I think you just feel in love and when you're in love that's a really great place to be.""I really believe that the best thing about being in love is having someone to share everything with, to share your insecurities and strengths with."He added: "It lets you completely remove any separation that exists between you and another person. They say that if two people on the whole entire planet can be 100 per cent completely connected and in love it'll bring peace on earth for ever more."I like the sound of that."Meanwhile, Ashton has revealed he never argues with Demi.The 28-year-old actor told Parade magazine: "We have frustrations, like every relationship. It's just the way we deal with them."We had one argument in the first three months of dating, and since then we haven't had any. We deal with issues before they become arguments."