Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith's mother is convinced her grandson, Daniel, was murdered. Virgie Arthur also says she's concerned that the former Playboy Playmate's lawyer, Howard K. Stern, is now in line to inherit every penny of Anna Nicole's fortune. She said on a US TV show 'CNN Headline News': "If Howard marries her and she ends up dead, then who does the money go to? Danny's not there."Daniel died on September 10 aged just 20 while he was visiting his mother in a hospital in the Bahamas three days after she gave birth to a baby girl, Dannie Lynn. According to toxicology reports, he had a heart attack after taking a mixture of methadone and anti depressants. Despite experts saying there was "no criminality" involved in Daniel's death, Virgie refuses to accept it. She said: "Somebody had to give it to him. I just know Danny didn't kill himself. Danny wouldn't take drugs to begin with. I don't believe that for a minute. You could not convince me of that."Virgie also refuses to believe Stern's claims that he is Dannie Lynn's father, saying; "No way... Larry Birkhead, the photographer, is the biological dad."One big sticking point here is that Stern doesn't want to come back to the US and do the paternity tests, and the reason being, he knows he's not the dad."