Great artist Damon Johnson

For the past year I have been catching up and coming artist Damon Johnson's art shows around NYC. Recently I showed up in Chelsea with friends Soprano star Joe Gannascoli and Snapple Lady and Celebrity Fit Club guru Wendy Kaufman, to catch some of Damon's work.Now first of all, I can't stand art shows. They bore me to no end and all they serve is white wine and it always runs out. But considering Damon is the son of Page Six icon Richard Johnson, I had to see for myself. I grabbed my celebrity friends and off we went to see his show, and I was really surprised that this kid really has talent. Damon's work is a cross between Peter Max and Andy Warhol, but painted with the energy of youth like I used to have when I chased my first celebrity. His colors and pop-art images grab you as you glide through the gallery. When you talk to Damon, he's not concerned with the photographers and writers that are there to look at his work. He's not concerned about working the room for important people. In fact, I don't think he wants to be there at all, but he know's to be an artist, people have to see his art.
He wants to paint. That's it. Plain and simple. Every time I see this talented artist he tells me he wants to get back to his studio and paint. It's like he has a million ideas in his head ready to explode on canvas. The energy he has is wild, the excitement he has when he talks about his work is amazing. So you better get to one of Damon's art shows now and buy a piece of his work, because in a few years you won't even be able to afford it!