Mancow with Korn

Mancow and James Bulushi

Mancow with Christopher Knight and Andrian Curry

Are they NUTS? The hottest show in the country Mancows Morning Madhouse was canceled last month by top brass at Q101 in Chicago. They claim they want to change the morning format to fit other shows on the station. Looking at the stations revenue of 16-18 million dollars, with Mancows franchise bringing in about half of that, are they on something? On my visits to the show they had one Celebrity after another as guests, including me. They had on , Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight and his wild and fun wife Adrian Curry, Sugar Ray Leonard, Vinny Paul, the cast of Mad TV and I could go on. Mancow, AKA Eric Muller is now broadcasting from a secret location in Chicago (Yes I know where). Expect his show to be picked up by more stations all over the country as his ratings are through the roof!
Photos: James Edstrom