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French dining hot spot Demarchelier Bistro in Greenport, NY is hosting their annual summer art exhibition by Artist Eric Demarchelier who will be displaying his latest collection of paintings. Demarchelier Bistro’s walls are lined with Eric’s work where the new paintings will be exhibited this summer. 

Demarchelier Bistro’s Summer 2022 exhibit is a tribute by the Artist to his late brother and photographer, Patrick Demarchelier. Eric’s recent collection of paintings are based on Patrick’s photographs which are being displayed side by side. This current collection as well as samples of Eric’s prior work are available for purchase at the bistro. 

Eric Demarchelier is a French-American painter whose work encompasses figurative, geometric abstraction, abstract expressionism, landscape, and portraiture. 

Demarchelier, known for his diverse and engaging abstract styles, combines formalistic opposites of color and shape or texture and form to evoke the perceptual field. His geometric abstractions' interlocking rectangles allude not only to the visual framing of the painted picture and the rectangles of windows, doors, and walls in which they are found, but also to the discursive nature of thought, which employs frames of difference to produce an enclosed idea.

Cindy Crawford By Eric Demarchelier

This approach to abstraction is expanded upon in a series of works in which scraped gossamer reveals the movement of fused, unformed shapes charged by the movement of unstable colors. Despite their heavily abstract natures, the wind-swept or blurred surfaces give off a figurative sense, sometimes going so far as to suggest a mapping of geographic boundaries but set in a retrograde composition that catches perception one moment before it's processed into concept. 

Demarchelier departs from the hard edges of his representational and geometric abstraction to show indeterminate puzzle pieces of reactive shapes moving in the dynamism of shifting systems, a technique that emphasizes the role emotion plays in determining perception. 

Demarchelier's figurative painting starkly contrasts his abstract work, offering striking, almost intuitively familiar landscape scenes as well as masterful still life works enriched by patina hues and balanced by intelligent composition. His portraiture ranges from the bold simplicity of pre-pop portraiture to energetic and brightly defined human forms caught in between moments of reverie, realization, and reminiscence, to faceless bodies in private poses revealing an undetected inner intimacy. 

Demarchelier, who was trained by St. Petersburg master painter Leonid Gervis, has been active for the past 25 years. He was born in Normandy and currently resides in New York City and Shelter Island, where he maintains a studio. 

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About Demarchelier Bistro:

Family-owned and operated, Demarchelier Bistro in Greenport, New York creates a rich and dynamic environment that demonstrates divine menu selections, stellar service, and rich cultural expressions. The renowned establishment is North Fork casual balanced with artistic Parisian design. From marble top tables and an antique bar top to the outdoor seating and colorful paintings by the owner’s father - famed artist Eric Demarchelier - on the wall, the atmosphere of Demarchelier makes it the perfect sojourn in the East End for a quick bite to eat, a romantic rendezvous or a nice meal with your family and friends. 

Owner Emily Demarchelier takes great pride in the establishment that has become in a short time a top choice for dining in the waterfront neighborhood. The authenticity of divine dishes mixed with friendly and thoughtful service keeps locals and tourists alike flocking to the restaurant. 

The local community frequently turns to Demarchelier Bistro for miniature moments of French adventures as they indulge in such café classics as Steak Tartare, Duck Confit, Salad Nicoise Classic, Pomme Dauphine, and the Quiche of the Day. 

There is also a superb selection of fromages that highlight a Cheese Fondue or chef selections; as well as charcuteries with delights of Jambon de Bayonne, Chorizo, Garlic Sausage, Saucisson, Pate de Campagne, Duck Rilette and Foie Gras. And to further create the sense of the ultimate foodie journey, Demarchelier Bistro captivates with a dessert menu of lovely sweets like the Chocolate Fondant or Crème Brulée. In addition, wine selections bring the country’s vineyards to the forefront. 

To visit Demarchelier Bistro is to take the best of both worlds and blend them together to create one incredible restaurant experience. 

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Demarchelier Bistro

471 Main Street, Greenport NY 11944

T: (631) 593-1650

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