Raves In Hunters Point South

Hunters Point South Park residents have started a GOFUNDME page to hire private security for our waterfront. The NYPD 108th have refused to enforce any law, they have refused to engage any criminal activity leaving residents with no options but to hire our own security.

We have been terrorized this year almost every night. Drag racing in our streets, open drinking and drug use, raves being thrown in our park and the organizers try to charge residents to go into our own park. We have begged and pleaded with the NYPD 108th station house, we call 911, we beg and they just refuse to do their job. When we call 911, 2 minutes later we get a text saying they responded and no action needed, this while we sit there and wait for them. The 108th are filing false response reports which is a crime. Yes, they are doing this.

We flag cops down on the rare occasion we see them in the neighborhood and we point out crimes happening and they back up, turn around and go the other way. All this when the station house is 2 blocks away. We are fed up. All we want is law and order. We have supported this Police Department for many years, their charity events, their blood drives and they slap us in the face by not policing our community.

This is not a race issue. We have every color tearing apart our park. Yellow black white purple, everyone of every race and color. This is not about racism, it is about taking back our neighborhood.

We dealt all summer with this Revel Scooter company placing their scooters everywhere, in bike lanes, in the park and in front of hydrants. These scooters run us down in the park, go down one way streets and the cops all summer long witness and do nothing. Since Revel scooter has had 2 deaths already including CBS News reporter Nina Kapur, they pulled them off the road. Now we just got news they are coming back with new rules and regulations. This is Bull because these scooters can not be regulated at all. They are being used for partying plain and simple.

Revel knows the majority of people are using these scooters for joy riding. They are not being used for the use that the city was told that they would be used for. Revel riders all over Hunters Point South are drinking, smoking weed and ignoring every law. Very few people are using these scooters to go to the store and back.

Our park is being destroyed every night. Graffiti everywhere, broken bottles everywhere and trash everywhere. Our once clean park has been destroyed each and every night in front of the NYPD. Residents beg for policing and they just refuse. This is not a slowdown from the NYPD 108th, this is a total work stoppage.

Security is used in other parks and works very well. Look at Bryant Park. It is a shame we have to do this and it is a shame while the NYPD 108th is being paid to do a job and refuse to do it, and we have to foot the bill to police the parks. If you wish to donate, please click on the link on top of page.