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Friday, January 12, 2018


The View Of NYC From Hunters Point South

I thought I would share this photograph I took a few minutes ago outside my building in Hunters Point South. The fog and rain over the east river has New York City almost blacked out. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Captain Ralph Forgione

Living in a new community is hard. Living next to a brand new park is even harder because everyone wants the view of Manhattan. 

This all comes with a price. Vandalism. The park is supposed to close at 10 pm, but the parks department refuses to enforce the rule. Every morning we find graffiti, broken bottles and some times even syringes. There was a rape by the Pepsi sign, someone tried to steal a child from a nanny last summer, which she did not report as she was illegal. A body washed up on the shores last week and for months now cars have been broken into up and down 50th street and 54th street as well as 2nd street. Today is was a horror while I went to walk my dog Stitch on 54th street, 6 cars smashed into.

Vandalized cars 54th street

I met with the Captain of the 108th Ralph Forgione around a month ago on the problems in the park and the problems with the park being allowed to stay open after the closing time. I also met with Luis Diaz from community affairs and they made several promises as to what they were going to do to control the park. To their credit, they have kept their word. There are increased patrols, they are pulling over cars that ignore the traffic laws and last night I saw a foot patrol. I am seeing more and more patrol cars but this does not seem to be the answer. The vandalism continues.

I see no other action but to close the park at 10 pm as the rules state, as much as I hate to see this happen, I know good people love a nice late night walk, but these bad apples are destroying not only the park, but the neighborhood. Litter is everywhere. 

When I first moved in a few years ago, you could eat off the sidewalks. Now garbage everywhere. Broken glass everywhere, you can not even walk you dog safely. People parked in their cars smoking pot, doing drugs and drinking then throwing all their litter anywhere and everywhere. This has to stop.

Smashed Windows

I am calling on the police department and the parks department to enforce the law, park closes at 10 pm. I am calling on the police, both the 108th and the parks department police to enforce every law to make these people not want to come here anymore. As the Captain told me last month, when he was growing up and they hung out in a area, if the cops harassed them they would just go someplace else. 

I believe everyone should enjoy the park, day and night. I do not believe in a park closing ever. Some people just like a late night walk, and no other place has the views like we do in Hunters Point South. But until we get these problems under control, I see no other option. Like the captain said, harass them and they go somewhere else. 

The above photos speak for themselves. It breaks my heart to see our neighborhood under siege. 

Friday, January 06, 2017


Empire State Building From Hunters Point South

The Empire State Building tonight for the red & green w/ a candy cane antenna for one final Christmas celebration! What a view from our park in Hunters Point South.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


NYU Langone Fire

NEW YORK -- Flames were shooting from the roof of a New York City hospital building that’s under construction.

The Fire Department of New York was at the scene of a construction fire at the NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan. There were no  reports of injuries as of now.

Some patients were being moved due to the smoke condition, which could be seen as far away as Hunters Point South in Queens. At one point the East River was engulfed in black smoke.

Friday, September 23, 2016


Coast Guard In Hunters Point South

The Coast Guard in New York City for the General Assembly at the United Nations, parks right outside our building in Hunters Point South. Never a dull moment here living on the water with the best views of Manhattan.

Monday, April 18, 2016




Bernie Sanders On Hunters Point South Waterfront

We really enjoyed the Bernie Sanders Event right outside our High Rise building tonight.

Being that I know most politicians personally, I do not like to endorse on the risk of losing a friend. Over the years I have photographed Hillary Clinton along with Donald Trump so many times, I can not even count. I like Hillary, but I think it's time for a change from the same faces in politics. I have been watching Bernie for a while now, and though I have never met him, he really knows what he is talking about.

Bernie is right on the money. When I grew up, one person in a family worked, they had a home, two cars and could send their kids to college. Now even with two people working, it is almost impossible. Bernie sees this. We are sending people to jail for small amounts of Marijuana, something they have on their record for life, yet Wall Street steals billions, pay a fine and no one goes to jail. Bernie sees this.

It is time we stand up and fight for what we should have. Real freedom and a chance at a better life. Bernie Sanders will fight for the American Dream. I hope my fellow New Yorkers will vote tomorrow and support Bernie Sanders.


Monday, October 12, 2015



Waste In The Sewer & Streets

Staff Dumps Waste Into Waterways

I really get pissed watching lazy people not do their job and destroying nature.

The photos above were snapped on Sat Morning of the staff of Hunter's Point Campus dumping waste down our sewers. They made several trips and the block smelled like a sewer. Whats disgusting about this is our sewers here go directly to the waterways, it is not treated and flows right into the east river.

It is the law that all waste gets picked up by carters for proper disposal.  The Hunter's Point cleaning staff had no right to dump into our waterways. The street was full of slime, a car could have slid and had a accident and the whole block smelled like rotten food. I can only assume this waste came from the kitchen, full of food and oils. 

This is not the first time I have seen the staff act like this. On the Forth Of July the staff saw fit to have a party on the roof with alcohol to watch the fireworks. Does the head of this school know these things? Their roof is right next to my window. On a recent block party their sidewalks were so dirty our staff went over there with our hoses and attempted to clean the sidewalks before the crowds came. When the school janitors saw our staff attempting to attach a hose to their school water supply to clean the sidewalks, the employees of the school stopped them and got their supervisor and the block was not able to be cleaned. The block party was to show the world our great neighborhood and new buildings, not a messy dirty block. 

Every building in this neighborhood cleans their sidewalks every day. They pick up garbage, they pick up cigarette butts and remove the gum stuck everywhere. Then we wash everything down. Hunter's Point Campus staff seems not to want to do any of this, once and a blue moon I see them outside attempting to clean, but they are just putting on a show, they leave so much behind and it is disgusting.

With all the new buildings and with us trying to build a clean and safe neighborhood, it is a shame the staff of Hunter's Point Campus could give a crap. Actually they dumped their crap into our streets!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The Future Of New York City Real Estate

Photos By: James Edstrom

Hunters Point South Crossing

Stainless Steal Appliances

John Brand Outside Hunters Point South

We just toured the new Hunters Point South Crossing and Hunters Point South Commons apartments in Long Island City. We must say we are amazed.

Yes, we were one of the lucky ones who got chosen in the lottery out of over 92 thousand applications. But it was just not that easy, I never worked so hard to get a apartment in New York City like I did for this one. It was rough. The paper work involved was massive and they checked everything but my underwear size.

Apartment With Stunning Views

Old Long Island Railroad Transfer Depot
It was well worth it, we are in love with Related Managements view of what the next generation of New York City apartments should be. Hunters Point South is the new model of the future of living in NYC. Most units have washer and dryers, dishwashers and stainless steal appliances. Every room in every apartment has built in heating and air conditioning. Most units have stunning views of NYC and the East River. Ferry service is right on the doorstep and the subway number 7 line is a few blocks away. Restaurants are all over the neighborhood and a supermarket is right next door. Lets not forget to mention that they are adding a 11 thousand square foot Duane Reade right downstairs. Pets are allowed as long as they are not over 37 pounds and they are even adding a pet center. There is also the restaurant that will be high up overlooking Manhattan. Each building has fitness centers, Internet Cafes, lounges with outdoor terrace, bike rooms and so much more.

Hunters Point Commons

Kitchen Looks Out To Living Room

Live in a smoke-free building designed for LEED Silver and Enterprise Green Community certification, complete with an urban rooftop farm and five acres of waterfront park.

Architects: SHoP Architects and Ismael Leyva Architects; Developers: Related, Phipps Houses and Monadnock Construction; Construction: Monadnock Construction; Program: Residential; Location: Long Island City, Queens, NY; Completion: Spring 2015.