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Wednesday, April 11, 2018



WABC NEWS Four suspects were arrested in Queens and Brooklyn overnight Wednesday in what is being described as a major drug bust.

The bust was the result of a long-running investigation that began with two overdose deaths involving fentanyl-laced heroin -- one in Bay Ridge in 2016 and one in Kew Gardens in May of 2017.

The alleged ringleader was identified as 35-year-old Dionne Sharrow (AKA "Slay"), who was arrested at his apartment in a luxury high-rise on 51st Avenue in Long Island City. Among the property seized there was a loaded firearm, approximately $500,000 in cash and a Lamborghini parked in the building's garage.

EDITORS NOTE: We saw the police raid the Powerhouse building. The Lamborghini is the car that raced up and down Center Blvd almost on a daily basis. I always wondered who the thug was driving that car, now I know.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018


The Quiet Before The Storm

Our Neighbor Photographer Rodrigo Salazar, took this great photo of the quiet before the storm in Hunters Point South on the water in New York City. Rodrigo always has the best shot from our neighborhood.

Photo By: Rodrigo Salazar 


Friday, September 23, 2016



Story By: James Edstrom

Kegs Of Beer Outside Tonight

You know, I am disgusted with the 108th police department in Long Island City. Why I bother to even report a crime to them is beyond me.

Crime has been a problem in Hunter's Point South Park. We have had a rape reported at Gantry Park located next door, there was a attempted child kidnapping a few weeks ago that the nanny did not report because she was scared. Endless amounts of graffiti are being painted all over the park and the great park employees attempt to clean up every day. Broken bottles are everywhere along with blunt wraps to smoke weed. I could care less if anyone drinks and smokes weed, but I do care when they vandalize the park.

First of all the park is supposed to be closed at 10pm which is not enforced. Second of all, it is disgusting the mess created by LIC Landing Restaurant.  The garbage outside the restaurant, the food, the kegs, bottled water and soda. It is disgusting. 

First of all, it is illegal to store food outside. LIC Landing Restaurant does this. I have witnessed many nights the rats chewing at the tomatoes, potatoes and onions as well as the garbage. Second it is illegal to store alcohol outside where minors can have access. This is done as you see by the photo above. I am sure they will say they are empty kegs, but I picked them up, some are empty, most are full. This is a state liquor authority violation. 

I have been told the owner is a nice guy. He may be, but I am shocked he would allow his restaurant to operate like this. It is a mess outside and it's created by his restaurant. It is really disgusting to go to a beautiful park and then have to look at the mess outside the restaurant.

Food Stored Outside Recently

But lets get back to the 108th police department. Every night people go to the restaurant and steal food and beer as well as water and soda. Since I am outside smoking my cigarettes as I live in a non-smoking building, I see it all. A few weeks ago I called the police, underage kids were stealing kegs of beer. They arrived fast, but the kids must have seen me on the phone and ditched the kegs. The next day the parks department told me they found two kegs in the bushes. The sad fact was, the police were questioning the kids and did not even take out a flashlight to look in the brush, this is where the kids hid the kegs. So I decided not to call anymore and besides the owner of the restaurant should not be storing anything outside in the first place.

Now tonight. A car pulls up and drives down the one way street, turns around and pulls out a shopping cart. They go to the restaurant and start loading up. I call the police and by this time the trunk is almost full. They were back at the restaurant for another load when the police came. I point the police to their car and they walk like little old ladies to the restaurant and bring back two guys. They make them open the trunk and see the loot. I was in shock when they made the two crooks bring everything back to the restaurant and let them go. Why did I even bother, I don't know.

Every night people come with carts and boxes and load up on goods. I am very surprised the owner does not know this is happening. At this point, I do not care. We live in a beautiful neighborhood with beautiful neighbors. This is the home I always wanted and I will just ignore these petty crimes.

 I am though very surprised the Hunters Point Conservancy would allow this restaurant to operate like this. The restaurant expanded their outside tables because they do so much business, I at least hope more rent is being collected, because this took away space from the public. If anything, they should make the restaurant build storage and charge more rent for the space. But most of all the restaurant should be made to keep the place clean.

I love our community, but I do not have time nor the desire to be calling the police 5 times a night. They need to patrol and enforce the laws. Plain and simple. They can start with the stop signs, no one stops and someone will get killed. But they will ignore till that happens, then the 108th will be the ones to blame because they were told.

One last comment, The workers in the park are to be commended. They clean up the mess every morning and they work so hard in all kinds of weather to make the park beautiful. All day long they prune the gardens, pick up the litter and clean up the graffiti. I have never seen such a great staff who really are proud and care for the park and the community. I just love them all!

Monday, April 18, 2016




Bernie Sanders On Hunters Point South Waterfront

We really enjoyed the Bernie Sanders Event right outside our High Rise building tonight.

Being that I know most politicians personally, I do not like to endorse on the risk of losing a friend. Over the years I have photographed Hillary Clinton along with Donald Trump so many times, I can not even count. I like Hillary, but I think it's time for a change from the same faces in politics. I have been watching Bernie for a while now, and though I have never met him, he really knows what he is talking about.

Bernie is right on the money. When I grew up, one person in a family worked, they had a home, two cars and could send their kids to college. Now even with two people working, it is almost impossible. Bernie sees this. We are sending people to jail for small amounts of Marijuana, something they have on their record for life, yet Wall Street steals billions, pay a fine and no one goes to jail. Bernie sees this.

It is time we stand up and fight for what we should have. Real freedom and a chance at a better life. Bernie Sanders will fight for the American Dream. I hope my fellow New Yorkers will vote tomorrow and support Bernie Sanders.


Monday, October 12, 2015



Waste In The Sewer & Streets

Staff Dumps Waste Into Waterways

I really get pissed watching lazy people not do their job and destroying nature.

The photos above were snapped on Sat Morning of the staff of Hunter's Point Campus dumping waste down our sewers. They made several trips and the block smelled like a sewer. Whats disgusting about this is our sewers here go directly to the waterways, it is not treated and flows right into the east river.

It is the law that all waste gets picked up by carters for proper disposal.  The Hunter's Point cleaning staff had no right to dump into our waterways. The street was full of slime, a car could have slid and had a accident and the whole block smelled like rotten food. I can only assume this waste came from the kitchen, full of food and oils. 

This is not the first time I have seen the staff act like this. On the Forth Of July the staff saw fit to have a party on the roof with alcohol to watch the fireworks. Does the head of this school know these things? Their roof is right next to my window. On a recent block party their sidewalks were so dirty our staff went over there with our hoses and attempted to clean the sidewalks before the crowds came. When the school janitors saw our staff attempting to attach a hose to their school water supply to clean the sidewalks, the employees of the school stopped them and got their supervisor and the block was not able to be cleaned. The block party was to show the world our great neighborhood and new buildings, not a messy dirty block. 

Every building in this neighborhood cleans their sidewalks every day. They pick up garbage, they pick up cigarette butts and remove the gum stuck everywhere. Then we wash everything down. Hunter's Point Campus staff seems not to want to do any of this, once and a blue moon I see them outside attempting to clean, but they are just putting on a show, they leave so much behind and it is disgusting.

With all the new buildings and with us trying to build a clean and safe neighborhood, it is a shame the staff of Hunter's Point Campus could give a crap. Actually they dumped their crap into our streets!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Long Island City Hunters Point South

Just love living at Hunters Point South Crossing in Long Island City. This is the view we get every single day. The neighborhood is great, the people are even greater and our new apartment building built by Related Development is 5 stars. Just the best.

Spend a day exploring our neighborhood. Take the ferry over from 34th street and see what I am talking about. Pure Magic!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


New York City Skyline

Living at Hunters Point Crossing has to be the best moves we ever did. Every night this is our view from our offices and home in Long Island City.

The builder and landlord Related out did themselves on this project. Our apartment has everything. Stainless steal dishwasher, stove and fridge. Hidden away are washer and dryer and everything from the countertops to the bathroom are marble. Amazing. Once these two buildings are done, we have a farm on the roof, bee hives for the tenants to get fresh honey, restaurants, gym, business center and even a playroom for the kids. The roof will have barbecues and lounges for the tenants to throw parties. Related and their buildings Hunters Point South Crossing and Hunters Point Commons are the future of housing in NYC.

I mentioned all of this to The NY Post's own Cindy Adams and she wrote the following.

Everyone’s moving to LIC?

Celeb fotog James Edstrom moved his to Long Island City’s Hunter’s Point South. Chosen from 92,000 applicants for LIC’s new community, he says: “It’s rooftop beehives, resident farms, energy-efficient green. Resident Magazine moved there. Also 43rd Street’s Manhattan Plaza developers. It’s housing’s new world, where kids don’t even know what a phone booth is.” OK.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The Future Of New York City Real Estate

Photos By: James Edstrom

Hunters Point South Crossing

Stainless Steal Appliances

John Brand Outside Hunters Point South

We just toured the new Hunters Point South Crossing and Hunters Point South Commons apartments in Long Island City. We must say we are amazed.

Yes, we were one of the lucky ones who got chosen in the lottery out of over 92 thousand applications. But it was just not that easy, I never worked so hard to get a apartment in New York City like I did for this one. It was rough. The paper work involved was massive and they checked everything but my underwear size.

Apartment With Stunning Views

Old Long Island Railroad Transfer Depot
It was well worth it, we are in love with Related Managements view of what the next generation of New York City apartments should be. Hunters Point South is the new model of the future of living in NYC. Most units have washer and dryers, dishwashers and stainless steal appliances. Every room in every apartment has built in heating and air conditioning. Most units have stunning views of NYC and the East River. Ferry service is right on the doorstep and the subway number 7 line is a few blocks away. Restaurants are all over the neighborhood and a supermarket is right next door. Lets not forget to mention that they are adding a 11 thousand square foot Duane Reade right downstairs. Pets are allowed as long as they are not over 37 pounds and they are even adding a pet center. There is also the restaurant that will be high up overlooking Manhattan. Each building has fitness centers, Internet Cafes, lounges with outdoor terrace, bike rooms and so much more.

Hunters Point Commons

Kitchen Looks Out To Living Room

Live in a smoke-free building designed for LEED Silver and Enterprise Green Community certification, complete with an urban rooftop farm and five acres of waterfront park.

Architects: SHoP Architects and Ismael Leyva Architects; Developers: Related, Phipps Houses and Monadnock Construction; Construction: Monadnock Construction; Program: Residential; Location: Long Island City, Queens, NY; Completion: Spring 2015.