Nikki Walter

During these apocalyptic times, where dieting and exercise have been thrown to the wind-along comes savior Nikki Walter. The 40-year-old fitness enthusiast continues to put those half her age to shame, winning one bodybuilding competition after another. This Cheryl Tiegs lookalike, with long blond hair and big blue eyes, never stops working-beginning her day at 7 in the morning and concluding in the wee hours of the evening. Her single-minded focus is bringing health and well-being to others so they can move forward in their lives. While Nikki’s bright smile and enthusiastic demeanor radiate joy, Walter has experienced a fair amount of grief and tragedy that have helped her assist others with effective coping mechanisms-tools that are invaluable in the current environment.

Growing up in rural South Dakota, Nikki discovered her love for sports in junior high school, joining the running team and cheerleading squad, while attending weekly ballet classes. Tragedy struck in March 1997, when Nikki’s father was killed in a car accident the year before her high school graduation, upending her plans to go abroad for college. Nikki decided to pursue a degree at a nearby state university ensuring she could look after her mother and younger sisters. Despite this tragic setback, Walter relentlessly pursued her love for fitness receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fitness Management at Northern State University-one of the premier institutions for health sciences. Subsequently, Nikki began a promising career at Medtronic Wellness Centers in Minneapolis. However, she soon met her future husband and decided to join him back in South Dakota.

Five years after the birth of her daughter Addison, Nikki’s picture perfect life took another turn for the worse when her 35-year-old husband succumbed to leukemia. Overcome with grief and sorrow Nikki vowed to follow her dreams and work harder towards her goals. Initially, Nikki spent years traveling for sales, which made her adept at catering to clients who are abroad with food preparation, at-home and hotel workouts, and on-the-road tips for eating healthy. A stint at the Chamber of Commerce, left her emboldened to begin her true calling-competing in fitness competitions. Determined as ever, Nikki became a six-time first place finisher in the National Physique Committee (NPC) Competition as well as qualifying for the NPC Nationals in 2018.

Soon after, Nikki’s career began to soar, becoming one of the top ten finalists in the US for Bodybuilding.com as well as their spokesperson. Her expertise in fitness has resulted in appearances in Natural Muscle Magazine, FHM Magazine, Oxygen Magazine and The Today Show. Moreover, her health and wellness column has been featured in bodybuilding.com, PopSugar.com, the insider.com, and dailymail.co.uk. The best part of Nikki’s vocation is that she has never been forced to sacrifice her parenting skills due to her busy schedule.

Thankfully, her 14-year old daughter, Addison, has a similar fitness obsession, and often accompanies her mother on global trips for competitions and speaking engagements. Addison, akin to her mom, is laser focused on changing the world of wellness as she seeks to eradicate childhood obesity through her “Kids Kitchen with Addie” clips on Instagram and YouTube. During these trying times, the hope for the future this mother-daughter duo provide is invaluable. Join them in taking control of your own life without succumbing to hopelessness and depression with their health movement entitled #ruralfit.

For more information visit Instagram: @_nikkiwalter, @gofit_fitness, or Addison Walter on Instagram: @kidskitchenwithaddie

Photo Courtesy Of Bobby Black / Lawlor Media Group